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i slept in until like 2/3 and i took a 2 hour nap (8-10) so im going to be up until the morning and i already want to die

mahdehsin: what did you want to be when you grew up when you were a kid?

when i was really little (like <12) i wanted to be a forensic scientist really bad. i remember for some assignment in like 5th or 6th grade i went to the police station to ask about how u got that job and apparently u had to be a cop for a while and that kinda put me off. later i wanted to be a graphic designer

i think (stereotypically) when i was like kindergarten age i wanted to be an astronaut

Anonymous: hi! do you like sailor moon?

ive never seen it but me and chloe are watching the new series as it comes out so i guess we’ll find out !! so far it seems very #anime

theres nothing funnier than taking something off and having it be the same thing underneath

all throughout highschool i kept my facebook friends at around ~40. i just passed 300 now and im trying this new thing of added anyone / everyone and now i have a bunch of mutual friends with cool internet artists and im hoping someone is going to see that and think im legit and give me a job

i remember back in like 2011 when tumblr famous people would always ask for nudes and thats how u knew if u had made it

its been like a week ?? since chloe and i actually fell asleep together because every night i fuck something else up or get into some argument / discussion that leaves the air tense and i leave the the living room and lay on the couch for hours until the sun comes up and i cant keep my eyes open any more

it makes me feel so terrible because i hate going to bed feeling bad or being the cause of anyone else doing so. back when i used to have mostly online relationships i would always make sure to say goodnights / i love you’s and send hearts and not be mad or anything because that was special to me 


We went to the fair today

dat ass doe

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I’m standing on a rooftop and my gf is here smoking weed and our roommate is laying on a platform and it feels like it should be beautiful like in the movies but it never will be beautiful like in the movies because im 20 and tonight I don’t have a cigarette and I want to jump off



oh im sorry i didnt see you there i was too busy mmmmmmmmblockin out the haters

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Crunkback whale

so funny

does anyone need me to tw: suicide (or anything similar) my posts because i dont but i think its cuz im scared because it feels like it legitimizes those thoughts but i will if ppl need it ???

i saw in slow motion as chloe pulled into the intersection my arm going up to grab the handle above my window and the driver side window shattering as the other car plowed into us and the camera that shoots all the videos in my head flings forward out through the windshield and i can see myself flying through the air 

in my head ive shot myself 4 times since last night

Put your titty away, it’s time for critical discourse
— Hobbes