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heroes by david bowie was playing and I was like “who is this it sounds like a cheap arcade fire”


hhobbess is so pretty I’m so lucky 😘


hhobbess is so pretty I’m so lucky 😘



started from the bottom now we queer

started from the bottom now the whole team fuckin queer

someone (place ??) blocks away is listening to yonce so loud its literally shaking our whole apt

how do i spice up my internet existence?

glamourspell replied to your post “seemingly out of nowhere this whole boys in crop tops thing has…”

Maybe people are just annoyed with the obnoxiously narrow range of clothing deemed “appropriate” for straight or closeted dudes? Also I know crop tops for guys used to be a thing so maybe people just think it’s hot and are glad it’s sort of making a come back? Idk

thats all fair, people should be fed up with narrow clothing options / gender expressions but my point is the way these ideas are proliferated via the internet or more specifically tumblr does so in a way that doesnt actually help to break down those ideas as a whole and more serves to congratulate a specific type of boy for doing something “progressive”

not to mention, from what ive seen ((and correct me if im wrong as im not going through all 10k notes)), all of these posts championing these ideas are made by straight girls getting off on straight boys

a heap of the attention I get online feels like fetishisation and I hhhate it

yeah same, i feel it happen to me and i see it happen with you all the time as well and it makes me so uncomfortable

so on the other hand if you’re some kinda boy or “male bodied” or whatever kinda person i feel like the tumblr ethos will herald your idealized form as some pinnacle of feminist beauty but never for anything more than a post on their inspo blog to look pretty next to some glitter and retro computer graphics

but like if a trans dude wore a crop top if there was a reaction itd be invalidating their gender

yeah exactly, if ur a straight cis boy who’s doing some femme thing this one time for fun it makes u the hottest fucking dude and ~sooo desirable~ as long as the next day you go back to wearing ur slim straight jeans and patterned button ups

Anonymous: the boys in crop tops thing is because of kid cudi at coachella in a red crop top

yeah i saw that pic, idk its the treatment of phenomena that makes me uncomfortable. an actual boy in a crop top is all fine and great

seemingly out of nowhere this whole boys in crop tops thing has invaded my internet space. i am frightened by the rapid memeification of everything

i cant decide how i feel about the boys is “girls” clothing trends that pop up on here every now and then like “~*~*~boyss in red lipstICK~*~ (◡‿◡✿)” or “boys in dresses ??? !! ?” posts that go around and it feels like fetishization but i cant pinpoint why

filling my taxes felt like taking a buzzfeed quiz

i feel more proud of my instagram than my “real work” lately

the empty pursuit of aesthetics is draining