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I’m pregaming some wine in the car rn before going to a work function with chloe so I’m hoping to arrive sad drunk and nauseous



Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

The world is watching, White America.


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tbh i got my lip pierced in the middle because of travis barker

i saw trace cyrus of shake it fame at the coffee shop today

Anonymous: I've been having really bad forehead anxiety. What's your least favourite facial feature?

do you mean of my own ?? my while.jaw / lower face extends out really far and I’m super self conscious about that. I hate my profile. also my nose has kind of a dumb shape

if u mean in general its ears


if this doesn’t get ten thousand notes by the end of the day ur all fake


if this doesn’t get ten thousand notes by the end of the day ur all fake


Famous Last Words// The Black Parade

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I’m having daydreams about killing myself to the starwars cantina song but in the dream I’m really beautiful and everything is slow motion

I’m going to take erotic gamer girl pics with my xbox

Anonymous: I had a dream that you were a character on the simpsons and that we were best friends?

this sounds beautiful tbh

I don’t know how to not feel so bad after doing something terrible I just ruined what would have been a great night because I’m such an entitled asshole piece of shit and its not fair and I feel like I wanna die and that feeling is so selfish but I don’t know how to fix it and enact positive change

I don’t deserve any of these things that are happening and I feel so shitty about having all these people be so nice to me when I’m such a terrible person

I feel so guilty and in so sorry and I just want to delete my existence I can’t stop crying

dazeyray i did now !! i had never taken one of these before but i really liked the questions they ask

i def identify w/ maintaing peace / calm

only pontentially bipolar or borderline B)

wheres the quiz for “are u addicted to self diagnosis quizzes”